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Title: Strongly interacting Majorana modes in an array of Josephson junctions
Author(s): Fabian Hassler, Dirk Schuricht
As Contributors: Dirk Schuricht
Journal ref.: New Journal of Physics 14, 125018
Date: 2012-12-31


An array of superconducting islands with semiconducting nanowires in the right regime provides a macroscopic implementation of Kitaev's toy model for Majorana wires. We show that a capacitive coupling between adjacent islands leads to an effective interaction between the Majorana modes. We demonstrate that, even though strong repulsive interaction eventually drives the system into a Mott insulating state, the competition between the (trivial) band insulator and the (trivial) Mott insulator leads to an interjacent topological insulating state for arbitrary strong interactions.

Comments on this Commentary

Dirk Schuricht  on 2016-06-15  [id 45]

Two minor corrections:
(i) In the discussion of the phase digram (Sec. 4) the AFM phase has $\langle\sigma_k^z\rangle<0$.
(ii) Eq. (5) is only valid for $E_M/\Delta\ll 1$. The correct behaviour in the perturbative regime $|U|\ll E_M$ reads $\Delta=E_M+32U/(6\pi)$. See also Ref. 40 of N M Gergs, L Fritz and Schuricht, PRB 93, 075129 (2016).

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