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Title: Topological order in the Kitaev/Majorana chain in the presence of disorder and interactions
Author(s): Niklas M. Gergs, Lars Fritz, Dirk Schuricht
As Contributors: Dirk Schuricht
Journal ref.: Physical Review B 93, 075129
Date: 2016-02-16


We study the combined effect of interactions and disorder on topological order in one dimension. Toward that end, we consider a generalized Kitaev chain including fermion-fermion interactions and disorder in the chemical potential. We determine the phase diagram by performing density-matrix renormalization-group calculations on the corresponding spin-1/2 chain. We find that moderate disorder or repulsive interactions individually stabilize the topological order, which remains valid for their combined effect. However, both repulsive and attractive interactions lead to a suppression of the topological phase at strong disorder.

Comments on this Commentary

Dirk Schuricht on 2017-05-05

There is a misprint in Eq. (6), namely a minus sign in the element in the upper right is missing. The entry has to read $-\frac{t-\Delta}{t+\Delta}$. The results shown in Fig. 1 were obtained with the correct sign.

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