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All our Journals focus on top-quality science, and implement Genuine Open Access. Publishing with SciPost means that you automatically fulfil (and even surpass) your mandated Open Access requirements, being relieved of any author-facing charges or other administrative burdens while encouraging our healthier business model for scientific publishing.

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Editorial Colleges
Our Colleges and their Editorial Fellows
Editorial College by-laws
Official rules for all our editorial workflows
Journals Terms and Conditions
Expectations, Open Access policy, license and copyright, author obligations, referee code of conduct, corrections and retractions
SciPost Terms and Conditions
General terms and conditions pertaining to ownership, license to use, contributions, impermissible uses, etc.
Author guidelines
A simple guide on how to proceed as an author
Refereeing procedure
More details about submission procedure and refereeing protocols
Refereeing guidelines
A simple guide on how (if you are a referee) to act professionally, and (if you are an author) react constructively

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