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Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte / Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte  [UFRN]

Parent of: International Institute of Physics


NameFederal University of Rio Grande do Norte
Name (original vn)Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte
TypeUniversity (and its Library)
GRID id (link)grid.411233.6
Crossref Org ID (link)No Crossref Org ID found

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2019 (PubFractions total: 0)

2018 (PubFractions total: 0.450 (confirmed: 0.050; estimated: 0.400))

2017 (PubFractions total: 0)

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Associated Authors:

  • Bieri, Dr Samuel
  • Camargo, Daniel A.
  • Pereira, Prof. Rodrigo
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