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Many-body localization in a quasiperiodic Fibonacci chain

by Nicolas Macé, Nicolas Laflorencie, Fabien Alet

Submission summary

As Contributors: Fabien Alet · Nicolas Macé
Arxiv Link:
Date submitted: 2018-12-05
Submitted by: Macé, Nicolas
Submitted to: SciPost Physics
Domain(s): Theor. & Comp.
Subject area: Quantum Physics


We study the many-body localization (MBL) properties of a chain of interacting fermions subject to a quasiperiodic potential such that the non-interacting chain is always delocalized and displays multifractality. Contrary to naive expectations, adding interactions in this systems does not enhance delocalization, and a MBL transition is observed. Due to the local properties of the quasiperiodic potential, the MBL phase presents specific features. We furthermore investigate the fate of multifractality in the ergodic phase for low potential values. Our analysis is based on exact numerical studies of eigenstates and dynamical properties after a quench.

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Submission & Refereeing History

Submission 1811.01912v2 (5 December 2018)

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