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The influence of spacetime curvature on quantum emission in optical analogues to gravity

by Maxime J Jacquet, Friedrich Koenig

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As Contributors: Maxime Jacquet
Arxiv Link:
Date submitted: 2020-01-17
Submitted by: Jacquet, Maxime
Submitted to: SciPost Physics
Discipline: Physics
Subject area: Quantum Physics
Approach: Theoretical


Quantum fluctuations on curved spacetimes cause the emission of pairs of particles from the quantum vacuum, as in the Hawking effect from black holes. We use an optical analogue to gravity %(see \cite{jacquet_analytical_2019}) to investigate the influence of the curvature on quantum emission. Due to dispersion, the spacetime curvature varies with frequency here. We analytically calculate for all frequencies the particle flux, correlations and entanglement. We find that horizons increase the flux with a characteristic spectral shape. The photon number correlations transition from multi- to two-mode, with close to maximal entanglement. The quantum state is a diagnostic for the mode conversion in laboratory tests of general relativity.

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Submission 2001.05807v1 on 17 January 2020

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