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Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions and Neutral Gauge Bosons

by Julian Heeck, Manfred Lindner, Werner Rodejohann, Stefan Vogl

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Submission summary

As Contributors: Julian Heeck
Preprint link: scipost_201812_00042v2
Date submitted: 2019-02-26
Submitted by: Heeck, Julian
Submitted to: SciPost Physics
Domain(s): Theoretical
Subject area: High-Energy Physics - Phenomenology


We investigate Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions (NSI) arising from a flavor-sensitive $Z'$ boson of a new $U(1)'$ symmetry. We compare the limits from neutrino oscillations, coherent elastic neutrino--nucleus scattering, and $Z'$ searches at different beam and collider experiments for a variety of straightforward anomaly-free $U(1)'$ models generated by linear combinations of $B-L$ and lepton-family-number differences $L_\alpha-L_\beta$. Depending on the flavor structure of those models it is easily possible to avoid NSI signals in long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments or change the relative importance of the various experimental searches. We also point out that kinetic $Z$-$Z'$ mixing gives vanishing NSI in long-baseline experiments if a direct coupling between the $U(1)'$ gauge boson and matter is absent. In contrast, $Z$-$Z'$ mass mixing generates such NSI, which in turn means that there is a Higgs multiplet charged under both the Standard Model and the new $U(1)'$ symmetry.

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Free bosons

Author comments upon resubmission

We thank the referees for careful reading our manuscript and the helpful comments/questions. Our response to the first two reports and the corresponding changes to the manuscript can be found in the comments to the reports. We hope that after these improvements our manuscript is suitable for publication.

Reports on this Submission

Anonymous Report 2 on 2019-3-11 Invited Report




The replies to criticism in the reports are short and not comprehensive and elaborate.


The authors have addressed the questions raised so I find the article now suitable for publication.

  • validity: high
  • significance: high
  • originality: ok
  • clarity: high
  • formatting: excellent
  • grammar: excellent

Anonymous Report 1 on 2019-3-2 Invited Report


In v2 of the manuscript and/or the accompanying letter, the authors have addressed all the comments I had raised in my first report. In v2 the discussion of Sec.~3.2 (starting from line 439, and including Fig.~5) has been significantly changed to take into account the constraints from atomic parity violation and rare meson decays that apply when $Z$-$Z^\prime$ mass mixing is present, and had been omitted in v1. Concerning this revised discussion I have two requests, listed below. I believe that, aside from these remaining minor issues, the current manuscript is acceptable for publication.

Requested changes

1) The last equality in Eq. (32) was derived assuming $M_{Z^\prime} \ll M_Z$ (it would be useful to state this explicitly), but then on lines 462-464 the authors apply it when referring to a $Z^\prime$ with mass around $100$ GeV. This should be fixed.
2) There are a few typos: line 451, require -> required; line 456, completions -> completion; line 482, ''LFV decays $\mu \to e$ or $\tau \to e$ sector'' should be clarified; line 484, $q_\phi$ -> $q_{\phi^\prime}$.

  • validity: -
  • significance: -
  • originality: -
  • clarity: -
  • formatting: -
  • grammar: -

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