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Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions: A Status Report

by P. S. Bhupal Dev, K. S. Babu, Peter B. Denton, Pedro A. N. Machado, Carlos A. Arguelles, Joshua L. Barrow, Sabya Sachi Chatterjee, Mu-Chun Chen, Andre de Gouvea, Bhaskar Dutta, Dorival Goncalves, Tao Han, Matheus Hostert, Sudip Jana, Kevin J. Kelly, Shirley Weishi Li, Ivan Martinez-Soler, Poonam Mehta, Irina Mocioiu, Yuber F. Perez-Gonzalez, Jordi Salvado, Ian M. Shoemaker, Michele Tammaro, Anil Thapa, Jessica Turner, Xun-Jie Xu

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Submission summary

As Contributors: Bhupal Dev
Preprint link: scipost_201909_00005v1
Date submitted: 2019-09-13
Submitted by: Dev, Bhupal
Submitted to: SciPost Physics Proceedings
Proceedings issue: Neutrino Non-Standard Interactions
Discipline: Physics
Subject area: High-Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Approaches: Theoretical, Experimental


This report summarizes the present status of neutrino non-standard interactions (NSI). After a brief overview, several aspects of NSIs are discussed, including connection to neutrino mass models, model-building and phenomenology of large NSI with both light and heavy mediators, NSI phenomenology in both short- and long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments, neutrino cross-sections, complementarity of NSI with other low- and high-energy experiments, fits with neutrino oscillation and scattering data, DUNE sensitivity to NSI, effective field theory of NSI, as well as the relevance of NSI to dark matter and cosmology. We also discuss the open questions and interesting future directions that can be pursued by the community at large. This report is based on talks and discus- sions during the Neutrino Theory Network NSI workshop held at Washington University in St. Louis from May 29-31, 2019 (

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Resubmission 1907.00991v2 on 13 November 2019
Submission scipost_201909_00005v1 on 13 September 2019

Reports on this Submission

Anonymous Report 2 on 2019-11-3 Invited Report


1. State of the art report on the subject of non-standard interactions
2. Covers many topics of current interest in the subject.
3. Covers both phenomenological and theoretical aspects.


1. Since its a conference report contains mainly the works done by the authors and hence misses certain topics -- like
source-detector nsi constraints, constraints from atmospheric
neutrinos, possibility of breaking the degeneracy btween Dark-LMA and ordinary LMA by neutrino less double beta decay etc.
So in that sense it is not a comprehensive review. But perhaps that was not the aim.


It is a well written report covering fundamental aspects of NSI
and its implications. It will be very useful for the community as a reference manual.

Requested changes

1. In page 2 the authors write 1 in 1+epslion_ee is due to Charged current interaction. Will the charged current interaction in presence of NSI not give any contribution to the potenetial ?

2.The degeneracy $\epsilon_{ee} \rightarrow - \epsilon_{ee} - 2$ was first mentioned in
P.~Bakhti and Y.~Farzan,
``Shedding light on LMA-Dark solar neutrino solution by medium baseline reactor experiments: JUNO and RENO-50,''
JHEP {$\bf$ 1407}, 064 (2014).
So perhaps this can be mentioned along with reference [15,16].

3. For the sake of completeness the authors may think of including the references and few lines on the topics mentioned above, which were not covered. But this is an optional suggestion.

  • validity: high
  • significance: high
  • originality: good
  • clarity: high
  • formatting: good
  • grammar: excellent

Anonymous Report 1 on 2019-9-20 Invited Report


This is a complete review of the interesting field of nonstandard interaction of neutrinos.


No weakness as far as I could see.


It is a very useful review and should be published.

  • validity: top
  • significance: top
  • originality: good
  • clarity: top
  • formatting: perfect
  • grammar: excellent

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