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Virial expansion coefficients in the unitary Fermi gas

by Shimpei Endo

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As Contributors: Shimpei Endo
Preprint link: scipost_201910_00037v1
Date submitted: 2019-10-24
Submitted by: Endo, Shimpei
Submitted to: SciPost Physics Proceedings
Proceedings issue: 24th European Few Body Conference (University of Surrey, U.K.)
Discipline: Physics
Subject area: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics - Theory
Approach: Theoretical


Virial expansion is widely used in cold atoms to analyze high temperature strongly correlated many-body systems. As the n-th order virial expansion coefficient can be accurately obtained by exactly solving up to n-body problems, the virial expansion offers a few-body approach to study strongly correlated many-body problems. In particular, the virial expansion has successfully been applied to unitary Fermi gas. We review recent progress of the virial expansion studies in the unitary Fermi gas, in particular the fourth order virial coefficient.

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Submission scipost_201910_00037v1 on 24 October 2019

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