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Title:  Floquet engineering in periodically driven closed quantum systems from dynamical localisation to ultracold topological matter
Author:  Marin Bukov
As Contributor:   Marin Bukov
Type: Ph.D.
Field: Physics
  • Quantum Physics
Approach: Theoretical
Degree granting institution:  Boston University
Supervisor(s): Anatoli Polkovnikov
Defense date:  2016-09-09


This dissertation presents a self-contained study of periodically-driven quantum systems. Following a brief introduction to Floquet theory, we introduce the inverse-frequency expansion, variants of which include the Floquet-Magnus, van Vleck, and Brillouin-Wigner expansions. We reveal that the convergence properties of these expansions depend strongly on the reference frame chosen, and relate the former to the existence of Floquet resonances in the quasienergy spectrum. The theoretical design and experimental realisation (`engineering') of novel Floquet Hamiltonians is discussed introducing three universal high-frequency limits for systems comprising single-particle and many-body linear and nonlinear models. The celebrated Schrieffer-Wolff transformation for strongly-correlated quantum systems is generalised to periodically-driven systems, and a systematic approach to calculate higher-order corrections to the Rotating Wave Approximation is presented. Next, we develop Floquet adiabatic perturbation theory from first principles, and discuss extensively the adiabatic state preparation and the corresponding leading-order non-adiabatic corrections. Special emphasis is thereby put on geometrical and topological objects, such as the Floquet Berry curvature and the Floquet Chern number obtained within linear response in the presence of the drive. Last, pre-thermalisation and thermalisation in closed, clean periodically-driven quantum systems are studied in detail, with the focus put on the crucial role of Floquet many-body resonances for energy absorption.

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