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Title:  Non-perturbative Aspects ofSupersymmetric Plasma Physics in a Gauge Theory -String Theory Approach
Author:  Piotr Sur√≥wka
As Contributor:   (not claimed)
Type: Ph.D.
Field: Physics
Approach: Theoretical
Degree granting institution:  Jagiellonian University
Supervisor(s): Romuald Janik
Defense date:  2010-09-30


In this Thesis we study the connection between hydrodynamics and gravity by means of the AdS/CFT correspondence. We review general construction of hydrodynamics and its applications to heavy-ion collisions. We find a novel effect due to quantum anomalies, which manifest themselves in the macroscopic hydrodynamic regime. Moreover, we find a description of hydrodynamic systems with one conserved current using gauge/gravity duality. Special attention is put to the boost-invariant regime of hydrodynamics. We obtain explicit solutions of the dual system and perform a detailed regularity analysis. Finally, we investigate meson properties in the boost-invariant plasma. In particular, we study the influence of dynamical temperature and viscosity on meson spectra in theplasma.

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