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  • Launch of SciPost Physics Proceedings


    Following community requests, we have launched a new Journal for Physics: SciPost Physics Proceedings.

    This new Journal aims at providing a high-quality, openly accessible publishing venue for conference/workshop/school proceedings. It follows SciPost's core principles of two-way open access and peer-witnessed refereeing.

    Interested in setting up a Proceedings issue? Learn more about the features and procedures by following the link below.

    See further details
  • Launch of Supporting Partners Board


    We are pleased to announce the official launch of the SciPost Supporting Partners Board.

    The SPB's purpose is to provide the main financial backing to ensure the long-term viability of our operations. Partnership is primarily aimed at funding agencies, universities, libraries, foundations and governments, and provides multiple benefits for minimal costs.

    Do communicate this information to your local institution's librarian/open access officer (or send us their contact details).

    With this initiative, SciPost is taking the next step in the professionalization of its services for the scientific community.

    View the details


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