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Full-stack Web Developer (part-time)

Announced on 2022-02-04

Application deadline:  2022-03-25

SciPost is a not-for-profit, by-and-for scientists organization aiming to reform the world of scientific publishing.

As part of our ongoing expansion plans, we are looking for one or two seasoned full-stack Django web developers to help us improve our frontend (presentation, user experience) and backend systems. Familiarity with next-generation technologies such as HTMX is a plus.

The position(s) are offered flexibly, depending on availability and qualifications. Funds are available to cover an equivalent of six months full-time for a junior developer, or shorter for a more senior candidate.

Though the head office is situated in Amsterdam's Science Park, this job provides the opportunity to work remotely and flexibly.

Target starting date: as soon as possible.

Open solicitations

Do you have special skills which you are convinced could help SciPost in its mission? Get in touch with us at We are always on the lookout for highly competent people.

Bear in mind: we are small, we are not well endowed, but this ship knows where it's going. If you see a future for yourself with us, we welcome your open solicitation.