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General information

Our business model
  • Visit our business model page to get a quick run-down on what our "antidote to APCs" model is
  • ... and how you can help us make our operations sustainable.
Sponsors & Subsidies
Average Publication Expenditures
  • Visit our APEX (Average Publication Expenditures) page to see how our publishing expenditures add up from year to year, including a per-Journal breakdown.

Financial Balance

The graph below gives a summarized representation of our financial health and of our current levels of sustainability.

Note that our Financial Reports below present our authoritative financial figures. An immediate difference is that multi-year subsidies are counted in our Reports in the year they were obtained, but are here spread out evenly to all years they apply to.

For the year in progress, all numbers are purely indicative. Expenditures for a given year are in general converged 3 months after the end of the year.

Subsidies listed in future years originate from longer-term sponsorship agreements which are already in place.

You are also encouraged to consult our country-level financial info pages to see a per-country breakdown of our expenditures and subsidy income.

Current Resources & Sustainability Level

(current cumulative balance +
future subsidy coverage)
Expenditures per month
(based on data averaged
over the last 6 months)
Sustainable months
(if no additional subsidy comes in,
that's when our resources run out)
Corresponding number of publications
(based on a weighted average of
per-publication expenditures)
€225760 €23900 9

Periodic Reports