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SciPost is a complete scientific publication portal.

It is purely online-based, and offers freely, openly, globally and perpetually accessible science.

Being managed by professional scientists, and making use of editor-solicited and contributed reviews, its Journals aim at the highest achievable standards of refereeing.

SciPost Commentaries allow Contributors to seamlessly comment on all existing literature.

Guiding principles

  • Two-way open access
    Publicly-funded science should be openly accessible to scientists and the general public, perpetually, worldwide. Conversely, scientists should not have to pay publishing charges to disseminate the fruits of their research efforts.
  • Non-profit
    Academics do not perform research for profit, and by extension the publication of their scientific results should not involve commercial profit-making.
  • By Professionals
    Scientists should carry the final responsibility for all stages in the scientific publishing process.
  • Peer-witnessed refereeing
    Scientific publications should undergo the strictest possible peer refereeing process, witnessed by the community instead of hidden behind closed doors.
  • Accountable and credited refereeing
    Peer refereeing should be accountable, and should be incentivized by being credited.
  • Post-publication evaluation
    Peer evaluation does not stop at the moment of publication.

The first principle is reflected in the fact that all publications and related content on are accessible to anybody with an internet connection. Moreover, publishing in SciPost entails no author charges.

The second principle is reflected in SciPost’s not-for-profit status. SciPost is financially backed by national granting agencies, universities, foundations and individuals.

The third principle is implemented by having only active scientists involved in SciPost’s decision-making and editorial processes.

The fourth and fifth principles are implemented using SciPost’s maximally stringent peer-witnessed refereeing process.

The sixth principle is implemented in the form of Commentary Pages associated to publications. These can either be SciPost Publications, or papers published elsewhere.


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All articles published in SciPost Journals fulfill the Gold standard Open Access requirements of the NWO, as stipulated on the NWO’s Open Science page.

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