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University of Sheffield is our latest supporter

8 August 2022 

The University of Sheffield is our latest supporter. The university library contributes to the development of SciPost through Jisc’s Open Access Community Framework, a wonderful program that enables Jisc members to support various open access initiatives. We are delighted to see that increasingly funding of open science activities (such as SciPost) is organised at a national level. Thank you University of Sheffield Library and thank you Jisc.

University of Pittsburgh supports SciPost

21 July 2022 

SciPost is really happy with the support of the University of Pittsburgh and the papers published by its researchers in SciPost’s diamond open access journals. We believe scientific publishing should be community-led, open, transparent, and non-profit. The contributions from our sponsors enable us to further develop the SciPost platform and offer our open science platform to more scientific disciplines.

California Digital Library supports SciPost

14 July 2022 

SciPost is thrilled to receive a generous investment from the California Digital Library. CDL is a frontrunner in pushing for a transformation in scientific publishing, so their recognition and support is greatc. SciPost is making real steps in offering a community-led diamond open access publishing infrastructure to scientists and with support from academic libraries we can make the transformation that science badly needs.

Sorbonne Université supports SciPost

23 June 2022 

We are delighted to welcome Sorbonne Université as sponsor of SciPost. Researchers of Sorbonne are among the most active contributors to the SciPost journals, see Since we are a for-scientist-by-scientists organisation, we very much value the support of institutions of such active authors. Sponsorships enable us to further develop and expand our diamond open access journal program, without paywalls or APCs, fully transparent. Together with Sorbonne Université we work towards a real open science world.

University of Waterloo supports SciPost

17 May 2022 

We want to thank the Library of the University of Waterloo for their generous support covering 2022-2024. We also thank the researchers from this university for their papers published in SciPost journals. The support from our sponsors enables SciPost to further develop our journal publishing infrastructure, publish diamond open access journals and remove unnecessary barriers in science.

Welcome to Tilburg University as our latest sponsor

12 May 2022 

Thank you Tilburg University, for supporting the diamond open access journals of SciPost. Through this sponsorship, Tilburg University wants to support the expansion of SciPost to social sciences. SciPost is indeed keen to make its open science infrastructure available to more scientific disciplines. We are grateful for the growing list of academic organisations that help us develop a community-led, non-profit publication platform for new scientific results.

National Norwegian support for SciPost

5 May 2022 

Libraries of seven academic organisations from Norway have joined forces with UNIT (the Norwegian Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education & Research) and this group now provides national support to SciPost. They are the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the Norwegian Institute for Water Research, the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF), University of Oslo, the Arctic University of Norway and the University of Bergen. It is SciPost’s dream that global scientific infrastructure is managed and financed by the global scientific community. This support from Norway is a nice illustration how research institutes can work as a team towards open science.

Université Paris-Saclay supports SciPost

27 April 2022 

SciPost is proud to welcome Université Paris-Saclay as sponsor. We are delighted because the scientists of this university belong to the most prolific contributors to the SciPost journals. SciPost is developing a community-led, fully open science publishing infrastructure and the support of leading academic organisations is crucial. We look forward to receiving more papers from Université Paris-Saclay.

University of Ljubljana is our latest sponsor

22 April 2022 

The University of Ljubljana is our latest sponsor. We are very happy with their support and the research papers published by the scientists of this university. The support of sponsors allows us to further develop SciPost’s diamond open access publishing infrastructure. That way scientists can share their work, fully open and transparent, without barriers or excessive costs.

SciPost discussions with sponsors

11 April 2022 

Last Tuesday April 5, the SciPost team presented a webinar to representatives of sponsoring institutions. SciPost informed them about the organisation, the team, the information we provide on our website, our financial situation and our current thoughts about support from sponsors contributions. SciPost is publishing 30% more papers each year and we discussed with sponsors how to manage this growth. About 25 participants attended the meeting and there was lively discussion, in particular about how to determine reasonable sponsorship levels. SciPost is a community-led initiative to put academics back in control of the scientific publishing process. We are delighted about 80 (and growing) institutions support our activities and want to discuss with us the best way forward. Thank you!

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