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Entanglement Negativity in Flat Holography

Debarshi Basu, Ashish Chandra, Himanshu Parihar, Gautam Sengupta

SciPost Phys. 12, 074 (2022) · published 23 February 2022


We advance holographic constructions for the entanglement negativity of bipartite states in a class of $(1+1)-$dimensional Galilean conformal field theories dual to asymptotically flat three dimensional bulk geometries described by Einstein Gravity and Topologically Massive Gravity. The construction involves specific algebraic sums of the lengths of bulk extremal curves homologous to certain combinations of the intervals appropriate to such bipartite states. Our analysis exactly reproduces the corresponding replica technique results in the large central charge limit. We substantiate our construction through a semi classical analysis involving the geometric monodromy technique for the case of two disjoint intervals in such holographic Galilean conformal field theories.

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