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SciPost Physics

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SciPost Physics publishes outstanding-quality research articles in all domains and subject areas of Physics.

The journal accepts three types of content: Letters, Articles and Reviews.

Letters report broad-interest, significant breakthroughs in Physics, of interest and importance to researchers in multiple subject areas.

Articles provide in-depth, detailed reports of groundbreaking research within one or more subject areas.

Reviews are short pieces taking a snapshot of a research area, written by recognized leaders in the field, providing a critical assessment of current frontline research and providing pointers towards future opportunities.

SciPost Physics Proceedings

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SciPost Physics Proceedings is a premium-quality, two-way open access, peer-witnessed refereed Journal for the general field of Physics.

It aims at providing a high-quality, openly accessible publishing venue for conference/workshop/school proceedings.

SciPost Physics Proceedings publishes articles in the domains of Experimental, Theoretical and Computational physics, in all specializations.

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SciPost Physics Select

SciPost Physics Select publishes articles of superlative quality in the field of Physics.

Authors cannot submit directly to this Journal; SPS papers are editorially selected from the most outstanding Submissions to SciPost Physics.

SciPost Physics Lecture Notes

Research-level didactic material in all domains and subject areas of Physics.

The collection of SciPost Physics Journals covers research in the domains of Experimental, Theoretical and Computational physics, including the following specialties:

  • A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
  • B: Biophysics
  • C: Condensed Matter Physics
  • F: Fluid Dynamics
  • G: Gravitation, Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics
  • H: High-Energy Physics
  • M: Mathematical Physics
  • N: Nuclear Physics
  • Q: Quantum Statistical Mechanics
  • S: Statistical and Soft Matter Physics