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Holography for bulk states in 3D quantum gravity

Joris Raeymaekers, Gideon Vos

SciPost Phys. 15, 054 (2023) · published 8 August 2023


In this work we discuss the holographic description of states in the Hilbert space of (2+1)-dimensional quantum gravity, living on a time slice in the bulk. We focus on pure gravity coupled to pointlike sources for heavy spinning particles. We develop a formulation where the equations for the backreacted metric reduce to two decoupled Liouville equations with delta-function sources under pseudosphere boundary conditions. We show that both the semiclassical wavefunction and the gravity solution are determined by a universal object, namely a classical Virasoro vacuum block on the sphere. In doing so we derive a version of Polyakov's conjecture, as well as an existence criterion, for classical Liouville theory on the pseudosphere. We also discuss how some of these results are modified when considering closed universes with compact spatial slices.

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