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Beryllium-9 in cluster effective field theory

Elena Filandri, Paolo Andreatta, Carlo A. Manzata, Chen Ji, W. Leidemann, G. Orlandini

SciPost Phys. Proc. 3, 034 (2020) · published 26 February 2020

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24th European Few Body Conference


We study the 9 Be ground-state energy with non-local αn and αα potentials derived from Cluster Effective Field Theory. The short-distance dependence of the interaction is regulated with a momentum cutoff. The potential parameters are fitted to reproduce scattering length and effective range. We implement such potential models in a Non-Symmetrized Hyperspherical Harmonics (NSHH) code in momentum space. In addition we calculate ground-state energies of various alpha nuclei. Work is in progress in view of the calculation of the photodisintegration of 9 Be with the Lorentz Integral Transform (LIT) method.

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