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Current status and prospects of muonium spectroscopy at PSI

B. Ohayon, Z. Burkley, P. Crivelli

SciPost Phys. Proc. 5, 029 (2021) · published 6 September 2021

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Review of Particle Physics at PSI


Recent and ongoing developments of low energy muon beamlines are heralding a new era of precision Muonium spectroscopy. While past spectroscopic measurements of Muonium were performed at pulsed muon facilities and were statistically limited, the advent of continuous low energy muon beams, such as at the LEM beamline at PSI, paired with the development of efficient muon-muonium converters and laser advancements, will overcome these limitations. Current experiments presently underway at the LEM facility and in the near future at the muCool beamline, which is under development at PSI, aim to improve the precision of both the 1S-2S transition determination and Lamb shift by several orders of magnitude. In this Chapter we give an overview of the current status and future prospects of these activities at PSI, highlighting how their projected significance fits into a broader context of other ongoing efforts worldwide.

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