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muCool: muon cooling for high-brightness μ+ beams

Aldo Antognini, David Taqqu

SciPost Phys. Proc. 5, 030 (2021) · published 6 September 2021

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Review of Particle Physics at PSI


A number of experiments with muons are limited by the poor phase space quality of the muon beams currently available. The muCool project aims at developing a phase-space cooling method to transform a surface μ+ beam with 4 MeV energy and 1 cm size into a slow muon beam with eV energy and 1 mm size. In this process the phase space is reduced by a factor of 10^9 − 10^10 with efficiencies of 2 · 10^−5 − 2 · 10^−4 . The beam is then re-accelerated to keV-MeV energies. Such a beam opens up new avenues for research in fundamental particle physics with muons and muonium atoms as well as in the field of μSR spectroscopy.

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