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Title: Internal structure of a quantum soliton and classical excitations due to trap opening
Author(s): Y. Castin
As Contributors: (none claimed)
Journal ref.: The European Physical Journal B 68, 317-328
Date: 2008-10-30


We analytically solve two problems that may be useful in the context of the recent observation of matter wave bright solitons in a one-dimensional attractive atomic Bose gas. The first problem is strictly beyond mean field: from the Bethe ansatz solution we extract the internal correlation function of the particle positions in the quantum soliton, that is for a fixed center of mass position. The second problem is solved in the limit of a large number of particles, where the mean field theory is asymptotically correct: it deals with the number of excitations created by the opening of the trap, starting from a pure soliton in a weakly curved harmonic potential.

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