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SciPost follows a different funding model than most traditional publishers. It operates on an entirely not-for-profit basis, and charges neither subscription fees nor article processing charges; instead, its activities are financed through a cost-slashing consortial model.

By making a small financial commitment, the institutions and organizations that benefit from SciPost’s activities can become Supporting Partners. This enables SciPost to perform all of its publication-related activities, maintain its online portal and implement its long-term development plan. Details of the consortial funding scheme and how to join can be found on our Partners page. There, you will find a one-page Prospectus summarizing the scheme, and also a draft Partner Agreement providing full details.

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I support SciPost's cost-slashing financial model for scientific publishing, and encourage my home institution and the funding bodies supporting my work to give concrete support to SciPost by joining its Supporting Partners Board.

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Aichhorn Prof. Markus University of Technology Graz Austria
Akhmerov Dr Anton TU Delft Netherlands
Alba Dr Vincenzo SISSA Italy
Albert Dr Victor V. Caltech United States of America
Allan Dr Milan Leiden University Netherlands
Ardonne Dr Eddy Stockholm University Sweden
Armitage Prof. N. Peter The Johns Hopkins University United States of America
Attaccalite Dr Claudio CNRS/ CINaM Aix-Marseille Université France
Bailey Dr Nicholas Roskilde University Denmark
Bar Lev Dr Yevgeny Weizmann Israel
Behnia Prof. Kamran ESPCI & CNRS France
Belzig Prof. Wolfgang University of Konstanz Germany
Bernand-Mantel Dr Anne Institut Néel-CNRS France
Bernard Prof. Denis CNRS & Laboratoire de physique théorique de l'ENS-Paris France
Bouma Mr Tobias Production Officer Netherlands
Bradley Dr Ashton University of Otago New Zealand
Brand Prof. Joachim Massey University New Zealand
Brun Mr Yannis Statistical Physics Group - Université de Lorraine France
Bruognolo Dr Benedikt LMU Munich Germany
Bruschi Dr David University of Vienna Austria
Campisi Prof. Michele University of Florence Italy
Carvalho Dr Patricia SINTEF, Materials Physics, Oslo Norway
Caux Prof. Jean-Sébastien University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Claeys Mr Pieter Ghent University Belgium
Covaci Dr Lucian Universiteit Antwerpen Belgium
Cremonesi Dr Stefano Durham University United Kingdom
Dalla Torre Dr Emanuele Bar-Ilan University Israel
Das Prof. Arnab Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science India
De Nardis Dr Jacopo École normale supérieure France
Delacrétaz Mr Luca Stanford United States of America
Devakul Mr Trithep Princeton University United States of America
Ding Dr Wenxin University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kavli Institute of Theorectical Sciences China
Donker Mr Hylke Radboud University Nijmegen Netherlands
Doyon Dr Benjamin King's College London United Kingdom
Dubail Dr Jerome CNRS France
Eisler Dr Viktor TU Graz Austria
Essafi Dr Karim LPTMC UMR 7600, CNRS France
Facoetti Mr Davide King's College London United Kingdom
Felbacq Prof. Didier L2C, University of Montpellier, CNRS France
Friedemann Dr Sven University of Bristol United Kingdom
Ganeshan Prof. Sriram City College of New York CUNY United States of America
Gendiar Dr Andrej Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences Slovakia
Gogolin Dr Christian ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences Spain
Gratus Dr Jonathan Lancaster University United Kingdom
Greitemann Mr Jonas Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Germany
Grenet Dr Thierry CNRS France
Guica Dr Monica IPhT, CEA Saclay France
Hubig Dr Claudius Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik Germany
Hélein Prof. Frédéric Université Paris Diderot France
Jackeli Dr George University of Stuttgart Germany
James Dr Andrew University College London United Kingdom
Jochym Dr Paweł Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN Poland
Keppeler Dr Stefan Fachbereich Mathematik, Universität Tübingen Germany
Kosior Dr Arkadiusz Jagiellonian University, Krakow Poland
Kung Dr Hsiang-Hsi University of British Columbia Canada
Kurchan Prof. Jorge Laboratoire de physique statistique, ecole normale superieure France
LaRose Mr Ryan Michigan State University United States of America
Laflorencie Dr Nicolas CNRS, LPT Toulouse France
Leuzzi Dr Luca Institute of Nanotechnology, CNR-NANOTEC Italy
Lewenstein Prof. Maciej ICFO - Institute of Photonic Sciences Spain
Luitz Dr David J. Technische Universität München Germany
Lychkovskiy Dr Oleg Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) Russia
Maas Prof. Axel University of Graz Austria
Maimbourg Dr Thibaud The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics Italy
Massar Dr Serge Université libre de Bruxelles Belgium
May Mr Alex University of British Columbia Canada
Mermod Prof. Philippe Universite de Geneve (CH) Switzerland
Miao Mr Yuan Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Moroz Dr Sergej TU Munich Germany
Mukhi Prof. Sunil Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune India
Ng Dr Gim Seng Trinity College Dublin Ireland
Nordström Dr Karl Nikhef Netherlands
Olshanii Prof. Maxim University of Massachusetts Boston United States of America
Panfil Dr Milosz University of Warsaw Poland
Papageorgakis Dr Costis Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom
Pavloff Prof. Nicolas Universite Paris Saclay France
Perarnau-Llobet Dr Marti Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Germany
Pereira Prof. Rodrigo International Institute of Physics Brazil
Rademacher Mr Markus University of Vienna Austria
Rennecke Dr Fabian Brookhaven National Laboratory United States of America
Robinson Dr Neil University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Rousseau Dr Emmanuel L2C, University of Montpellier, CNRS France
Rubin Dr Jacques L. Institut de Physique de Nice France
Rychkov Prof. Slava IHES & Laboratoire de physique théorique de l'ENS-Paris France
Saadatmand Dr Seyed Nariman Centre for Quantum Dynamics, Griffith University Australia
Schmidt Mr Christian IPhT Saclay France
Schoutens Prof. Kareljan University of Amsterdam Netherlands
Schuricht Dr Dirk Utrecht University Netherlands
Shamailov Dr Sophie Massey University New Zealand
Sikhonde Mr Muzikayise UCT, UNISA South Africa
Sotiriadis Dr Spyros University of Ljubljana Slovenia
Säterskog Dr Petter Nordita Sweden
Tagliacozzo Dr Luca The University of Strathclyde United Kingdom
Taylor Prof. Marika University of Southampton United Kingdom
Uhrig Prof. Götz TU Dortmund Germany
Vaid Dr Deepak National Institute of Technology Karnataka India
Van Regemortel Mr Mathias University of Antwerp Belgium
Verga Prof. Alberto Aix-Marseille University France
Vernier Dr Eric Oxford United Kingdom
Viti Dr Jacopo IIP Brazil
Weinmann Dr Dietmar IPCMS (CNRS & University of Strasbourg) France
Weisbrich Mr Hannes University of Konstanz Germany
Wiecha Dr Peter R. CEMES/CNRS Toulouse France
Wiegmann Prof. Paul University of Chicago United States of America
de Wit Mr Jorran University of Amsterdam Netherlands
van Mameren Dr Joost University of Amsterdam Netherlands
van Roij Prof. René Utrecht University Netherlands
van Wezel Dr Jasper Universiteit van Amsterdam Netherlands
van den Brink Prof. Jeroen IFW Dresden Germany
Čermák Dr Petr Charles University Czechia