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Les Houches Summer School Lecture Notes

Collection 2020-07: Emergent Electronic States confined at Interfaces

Transition metal oxide surfaces and interfaces, twisted bilayer graphene and dichalcogenide bilayers host emergent electronic states arising from an interplay of crystal structure, kinetics, Coulomb interactions, orbital specialization and spin-orbit contributions. These confined systems can be driven across insulator to metal or to superconductor transitions, and in some cases large magneto-resistive or spin fluctuation regimes. Topological properties are also expected for several materials. The scope of the school is to present the theoretical approaches and experimental tools allowing us to capture the physics at play for these emergent states. Spintronics and oxide electronics applications will also be discussed.


  • Marc Gabay, LPS, Univ. Paris-Sud-Paris-Saclay, France (session director)
  • Masashi Kawasaki, the University of Tokyo, Japan
  • Andrew Millis, Columbia University and the Flatiron Institute, USA
  • Jean-Marc Triscone, Univ. Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ralph Claessen Univ. Julius-Maximilians, Germany (Advisory)
  • Jochen Mannhart, MPI Stuttgart, Germany (Advisory)


  • Gabriel Aeppli (PSI/ETH, CH): Physics related to Covid-19
  • Leon Balents (KITP, UCSB, USA): superconductivity and topology
  • Manuel Bibes (CNRS/Thales, FR): spintronics advances in oxide materials
  • Ralph Claessen (U Würtzburg, DE): photoemission approaches of correlated materials
  • Antoine Georges (CdF, FR & Simons ): theoretical modeling of correlated materials
  • Philippe Ghosez (U Liège, BE): from first principles to Landau-Ginzburg approaches for oxides
  • Hideo Hosono (Tokyo Tech, JP): Electrides, oxide semiconductors, and Iron-based superconductors
  • Harold Hwang (Stanford U, USA): electronic transport probes for oxides and oxide membranes
  • Pablo Jarillo-Herrero (MIT, USA): unconventional electronic states of twisted graphene bilayers and dichalcogenides
  • Ricardo Lobo (ESPCI, FR): optical spectroscopy of confined electronic states
  • Allan MacDonald (U Texas, USA): emergent electronic states on Moiré-superlattices
  • Darrell Schlom (Cornell U, USA): engineering oxides and heterostructures utilizing epitaxy
  • Hide Takagi (MPI Stuttgart, DE): quantum spin-liquids
  • Ali Yazdani (Princeton U, USA): local electronic probes of emergent correlated states


  • Kyoko Ishizaka (Tokyo U, JPN): Materials science with laser photoelectrons
  • Ulrike Diebold (TU Wien ÖST): The solid-vacuum interface: a look at the atomic scale
  • Cristiane de Morais Smith --> Atom-by-atom design of novel quantum states of matter
  • Andrea Caviglia --> (TU Delft) Controlling oxide heterostructures with light
  • Jennifer Fowlie (U Genève CH): Perovskite nickelates and heterostructuring
  • Divine Kumah (North Carolina State U, USA): Tailored magnetic and electronic interactions at complex oxide interfaces
  • Jochen Mannhart (MPI Stuttgart, D): A Novel Category of Electronic Devices Operating at Interfaces and Beyond

Dates: from 2020-07-06 to 2020-07-24.

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