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A guide for deploying Deep Learning in LHC searches: How to achieve optimality and account for uncertainty

by Benjamin Nachman

This Submission thread is now published as SciPost Phys. 8, 090 (2020)

Submission summary

As Contributors: Benjamin Nachman
Arxiv Link: (pdf)
Date accepted: 2020-06-10
Date submitted: 2020-03-10 01:00
Submitted by: Nachman, Benjamin
Submitted to: SciPost Physics
Academic field: Physics
  • High-Energy Physics - Experiment
  • High-Energy Physics - Phenomenology
Approach: Experimental


Deep learning tools can incorporate all of the available information into a search for new particles, thus making the best use of the available data. This paper reviews how to optimally integrate information with deep learning and explicitly describes the corresponding sources of uncertainty. Simple illustrative examples show how these concepts can be applied in practice.

Ontology / Topics

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Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

Published as SciPost Phys. 8, 090 (2020)

List of changes

I have updated the manuscript in response to the reviewer comments. A detailed response to each reviewer can be found on the reviewer reports page.

Reports on this Submission

Anonymous Report 2 on 2020-5-31 (Invited Report)

  • Cite as: Anonymous, Report on arXiv:1909.03081v3, delivered 2020-05-31, doi: 10.21468/SciPost.Report.1725


I reviewed the new version of the paper and I appreciate the effort made by the author to reply to my points raised. A few of them were general remarks (e.g., what was CLs introduced for, what is common practice in HEP within vs beyond the LHC community, now vs the past). While I still disagree on a few of these points (not sure if I made me clear, judging from the answer), I think that these are very minor aspects and I would not slow down the publication process for them.

The message of the paper is correct and it clearly meets the expectations of this journal, so I am happy to recommend its publication.

  • validity: -
  • significance: -
  • originality: -
  • clarity: -
  • formatting: -
  • grammar: -

Anonymous Report 1 on 2020-5-29 (Invited Report)


In his response and the updated version of the manuscript the author has successfully addressed all concerns raised in my first report.

  • validity: -
  • significance: -
  • originality: -
  • clarity: -
  • formatting: -
  • grammar: -

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