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Vortex states in a PbTiO$_3$ ferroelectric cylinder

Svitlana Kondovych, Maksim Pavlenko, Yurii Tikhonov, Anna Razumnaya, Igor Lukyanchuk

SciPost Phys. 14, 056 (2023) · published 30 March 2023


The past decade's discovery of topological excitations in nanoscale ferroelectrics has turned the prevailing view that the polar ground state in these materials is uniform. However, the systematic understanding of the topological polar structures in ferroelectrics is still on track. Here we study stable vortex-like textures of polarization in the nanocylinders of ferroelectric PbTiO$_3$, arising due to the competition of the elastic and electrostatic interactions. Using the phase-field numerical modeling and analytical calculations, we show that the orientation of the vortex core with respect to the cylinder axis is tuned by the geometrical parameters and temperature of the system.

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