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Ether cleavage and chemical removal of SU-8

José M. Ripalda, Raquel Álvaro, María Luisa Dotor

SciPost Chem. 2, 001 (2023) · published 13 April 2023


The high chemical stability of SU-8 makes it irreplaceable for a wide range of applications, most notably as a lithography photoresist for micro and nanotechnology. This advantage becomes a problem when there is a need to remove SU-8 from the fabricated devices. Researchers have been struggling for two decades with this problem, and although a number of partial solutions have been found, this difficulty has limited the applications of SU-8. Here we demonstrate a fast, reproducible, and comparatively gentle method to chemically remove SU-8 photoresist. An ether cleavage mechanism for the observed reaction is proposed, and the hypothesis is tested with ab initio quantum chemical calculations. We also describe a complementary removal method based on atomic hydrogen inductively coupled plasma.

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