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Entanglement Dynamics of Random GUE Hamiltonians

Daniel Chernowitz, Vladimir Gritsev

SciPost Phys. 10, 071 (2021) · published 19 March 2021


In this work, we consider a model of a subsystem interacting with a reservoir and study dynamics of entanglement assuming that the overall time-evolution is governed by non-integrable Hamiltonians. We also compare to an ensemble of Integrable Hamiltonians. To do this, we make use of unitary invariant ensembles of random matrices with either Wigner-Dyson or Poissonian distributions of energy. Using the theory of Weingarten functions, we derive universal average time evolution of the reduced density matrix and the purity and compare these results with several physical Hamiltonians: randomized versions of the transverse field Ising and XXZ models, Spin Glass and, Central Spin and SYK model. The theory excels at describing the latter two. Along the way, we find general expressions for exponential $n$-point correlation functions in the gas of GUE eigenvalues.

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