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Information transfer with a gravitating bath

Hao Geng, Andreas Karch, Carlos Perez-Pardavila, Suvrat Raju, Lisa Randall, Marcos Riojas, Sanjit Shashi

SciPost Phys. 10, 103 (2021) · published 14 May 2021


Late-time dominance of entanglement islands plays a critical role in addressing the information paradox for black holes in AdS coupled to an asymptotic non-gravitational bath. A natural question is how this observation can be extended to gravitational systems. To gain insight into this question, we explore how this story is modified within the context of Karch-Randall braneworlds when we allow the asymptotic bath to couple to dynamical gravity. We find that because of the inability to separate degrees of freedom by spatial location when defining the radiation region, the entanglement entropy of radiation emitted into the bath is a time-independent constant, consistent with recent work on black hole information in asymptotically flat space. If we instead consider an entanglement entropy between two sectors of a specific division of the Hilbert space, we then find non-trivial time-dependence, with the Page time a monotonically decreasing function of the brane angle---provided both branes are below a particular angle. However, the properties of the entropy depend discontinuously on this angle, which is the first example of such discontinuous behavior for an AdS brane in AdS space.

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