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Selection rules for the S-Matrix bootstrap

Anjishnu Bose, Aninda Sinha, Shaswat S Tiwari

SciPost Phys. 10, 122 (2021) · published 31 May 2021


We examine the space of allowed S-matrices on the Adler zeros' plane using the recently resurrected (numerical) S-matrix bootstrap program for pion scattering. Two physical quantities, an averaged total scattering cross-section, and an averaged entanglement power for the boundary S-matrices, are studied. Emerging linearity in the leading Regge trajectory is correlated with a reduction in both these quantities. We identify two potentially viable regions where the S-matrices give decent agreement with low energy S- and P-wave scattering lengths and have leading Regge trajectory compatible with experiments. We also study the line of minimum averaged total cross section in the Adler zeros' plane. The Lovelace-Shapiro model, which was a precursor to modern string theory, is given by a straight line in the Adler zeros' plane and, quite remarkably, we find that this line intersects the space of allowed S-matrices near both these regions.

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