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Visibility of noisy quantum dot-based measurements of Majorana qubits

Aleksei Khindanov, Dmitry Pikulin, Torsten Karzig

SciPost Phys. 10, 127 (2021) · published 2 June 2021


Measurement schemes of Majorana zero modes (MZMs) based on quantum dots (QDs) are of current interest as they provide a scalable platform for topological quantum computation. In a coupled qubit-QD setup we calculate the dependence of the charge of the QD and its differential capacitance on experimentally tunable parameters for both 2-MZM and 4-MZM measurements. We quantify the effect of noise on the measurement visibility by considering $1/f$ noise in detuning, tunneling amplitudes or phase. We find that on- or close-to-resonance measurements are generally preferable and predict, using conservative noise estimates, that noise coupling to the QDs is not a limitation to high-fidelity measurements of topological qubits.

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