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Infinite pseudo-conformal symmetries of classical $T \bar T$, $J \bar T $ and $J T_a$ - deformed CFTs

Monica Guica, Ruben Monten

SciPost Phys. 11, 078 (2021) · published 18 October 2021


We show that $T \bar T, J \bar T$ and $J T_a$ - deformed classical CFTs possess an infinite set of symmetries that take the form of a field-dependent generalization of two-dimensional conformal transformations. If, in addition, the seed CFTs possess an affine $U(1)$ symmetry, we show that it also survives in the deformed theories, again in a field-dependent form. These symmetries can be understood as the infinitely-extended conformal and $U(1)$ symmetries of the underlying two-dimensional CFT, seen through the prism of the "dynamical coordinates" that characterise each of these deformations. We also compute the Poisson bracket algebra of the associated conserved charges, using the Hamiltonian formalism. In the case of the $J \bar T$ and $J T_a$ deformations, we find two copies of a functional Witt - Kac-Moody algebra. In the case of the $T \bar T$ deformation, we show that it is also possible to obtain two commuting copies of the Witt algebra.

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