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Asymmetric power dissipation in electronic transport through a quantum point contact

Carmen Blaas-Anselmi, Félix Helluin, Rodolfo A. Jalabert, Guillaume Weick, Dietmar Weinmann

SciPost Phys. 12, 105 (2022) · published 25 March 2022


We investigate the power dissipated by an electronic current flowing through a quantum point contact in a two-dimensional electron gas. Based on the Landauer-B\"uttiker approach to quantum transport, we evaluate the power that is dissipated on the two sides of the constriction as a function of the Fermi energy, temperature, and applied voltage. We demonstrate that an asymmetry appears in the dissipation, which is most pronounced when the quantum point contact is tuned to a conductance step where the transmission strongly depends on energy. At low temperatures, the asymmetry is enhanced when the temperature increases. An estimation for the position of the maximum dissipation is provided.

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