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Universal finite-size amplitude and anomalous entanglement entropy of $z=2$ quantum Lifshitz criticalities in topological chains

Ke Wang, T. A. Sedrakyan

SciPost Phys. 12, 134 (2022) · published 20 April 2022


We consider Lifshitz criticalities with dynamical exponent $z=2$ that emerge in a class of topological chains. There, such a criticality plays a fundamental role in describing transitions between symmetry-enriched conformal field theories (CFTs). We report that, at such critical points in one spatial dimension, the finite-size correction to the energy scales with system size, $L$, as $\sim L^{-2}$, with universal and anomalously large coefficient. The behavior originates from the specific dispersion around the Fermi surface, $\epsilon \propto \pm k^2$. We also show that the entanglement entropy exhibits at the criticality a non-logarithmic dependence on $l/L$, where $l$ is the length of the sub-system. In the limit of $l\ll L$, the maximally-entangled ground state has the entropy, $S(l/L)=S_0+(l/L)\log(l/L)$. Here $S_0$ is some non-universal entropy originating from short-range correlations. We show that the novel entanglement originates from the long-range correlation mediated by a zero mode in the low energy sector. The work paves the way to study finite-size effects and entanglement entropy around Lifshitz criticalities and offers an insight into transitions between symmetry-enriched criticalities.

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