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High-frequency transport and zero-sound in an array of SYK quantum dots

Aleksey. V. Lunkin, Mikhail . V. Feigel'man

SciPost Phys. 13, 073 (2022) · published 29 September 2022


We study an array of strongly correlated quantum dots of complex SYK type and account for the effects of quadratic terms added to the SYK Hamiltonian; both local terms and inter-dot tunneling are considered in the non-Fermi-liquid temperature range $T \gg T_{FL}$. We take into account soft-mode fluctuations and demonstrate their relevance for physical observables. Electric $\sigma(\omega,p)$ and thermal $\kappa(\omega,p)$ conductivities are calculated as functions of frequency and momentum for arbitrary values of the particle-hole asymmetry parameter $\mathcal{E}$. At low-frequencies $\omega \ll T$ we find the Lorenz ratio $L = \kappa(0,0)/T\sigma(0,0)$ to be non-universal and temperature-dependent. At $\omega \gg T$ the conductivity $\sigma(\omega,p)$ contains a pole with nearly linear dispersion $\omega \approx sp\sqrt{\ln\frac{\omega}{T}}$ reminiscent of the "zero-sound", known for Fermi-liquids. We demonstrate also that the developed approach makes it possible to understand the origin of heavy Fermi liquids with anomalously large Kadowaki-Woods ratio.

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