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De Sitter scattering amplitudes in the Born approximation

Renata Ferrero, Chris Ripken

SciPost Phys. 13, 106 (2022) · published 11 November 2022


We present a covariant framework to compute scattering amplitudes and potentials in a de Sitter background. In this setting, we compute the potential of a graviton-mediated scattering process involving two very massive scalars at tree level. Although the obtained scattering potential reproduces the Newtonian potential at short distances, on Hubble-size length scales it is affected by the constant curvature: effectively, it yields a repulsive force at sub-Hubble distances. This can be attributed to the expansion of the de Sitter universe. Beyond the de Sitter horizon, the potential vanishes identically. Hence, the scattering amplitude unveils the geometric properties of de Sitter spacetime in a novel and nontrivial way.

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