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Quantum chaos in perturbative super-Yang-Mills Theory

Tristan McLoughlin, Raul Pereira, Anne Spiering

SciPost Phys. 14, 049 (2023) · published 27 March 2023


We provide numerical evidence that the perturbative spectrum of anomalous dimensions in maximally supersymmetric $SU(N)$ Yang-Mills theory is chaotic at finite values of $N$. We calculate the probability distribution of one-loop level spacings for subsectors of the theory and show that for large $N$ it is given by the Poisson distribution of integrable models, while at finite values it is the Wigner-Dyson distribution of the Gaussian orthogonal ensemble random matrix theory. We extend these results to two-loop order and to a one-parameter family of deformations. We further study the spectral rigidity for these models and show that it is also well described by random matrix theory. Finally we demonstrate that the finite-$N$ eigenvectors possess properties of chaotic states.

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