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Non-invertible defects in 5d, boundaries and holography

Jeremias Aguilera Damia, Riccardo Argurio, Eduardo Garcia-Valdecasas

SciPost Phys. 14, 067 (2023) · published 12 April 2023


We show that very simple theories of abelian gauge fields with a cubic Chern-Simons term in 5d have an infinite number of non-invertible codimension two defects. They arise by dressing the symmetry operators of the broken electric 1-form symmetry with a suitable topological field theory, for any rational angle. We further discuss the same theories in the presence of a 4d boundary, and more particularly in a holographic setting. There we find that the bulk defects, when pushed to the boundary, have various different fates. Most notably, they can become codimension one non-invertible defects of a boundary theory with an ABJ anomaly.

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