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Optimal compression of quantum many-body time evolution operators into brickwall circuits

Maurits S. J. Tepaske, Dominik Hahn, David J. Luitz

SciPost Phys. 14, 073 (2023) · published 17 April 2023


Near term quantum computers suffer from a degree of decoherence which is prohibitive for high fidelity simulations with deep circuits. An economical use of circuit depth is therefore paramount. For digital quantum simulation of quantum many-body systems, real time evolution is typically achieved by a Trotter decomposition of the time evolution operator into circuits consisting only of two qubit gates. To match the geometry of the physical system and the CNOT connectivity of the quantum processor, additional SWAP gates are needed. We show that optimal fidelity, beyond what is achievable by simple Trotter decompositions for a fixed gate count, can be obtained by compiling the evolution operator into optimal brickwall circuits for the $S=1/2$ quantum Heisenberg model on chains and ladders, when mapped to one dimensional quantum processors without the need of additional SWAP gates.

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