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AdS black holes with a bouncing interior

Sean A. Hartnoll, Navonil Neogi

SciPost Phys. 14, 074 (2023) · published 18 April 2023


We construct planar black hole solutions of AdS gravity minimally coupled to a scalar field with an even, super-exponential potential. We show that the evolution of the black hole interior exhibits an infinite sequence of Kasner epochs, as the scalar field rolls back and forth in its potential. We obtain an analytic expression for the 'bounces' between each Kasner epoch and also give an explicit formula for the times and strengths of the bounces at late interior times, thereby fully characterizing the interior evolution. In this way we show that the interior geometry approaches the Schwarzschild singularity at late times, even as the scalar field is driven higher up its potential with each bounce.

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