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Solution of master equations by fermionic-duality: Time-dependent charge and heat currents through an interacting quantum dot proximized by a superconductor

Lara C. Ortmanns, Maarten R. Wegewijs, Janine Splettstoesser

SciPost Phys. 14, 095 (2023) · published 4 May 2023


We analyze the time-dependent solution of master equations by exploiting fermionic duality, a dissipative symmetry applicable to a large class of open systems describing quantum transport. Whereas previous studies mostly exploited duality relations after partially solving the evolution equations, we here systematically exploit the invariance under the fermionic duality mapping from the very beginning when setting up these equations. Moreover, we extend the resulting simplifications -so far applied to the local state evolution- to non-local observables such as transport currents. We showcase the exploitation of fermionic duality for a quantum dot with strong interaction -covering both the repulsive and attractive case- proximized by contact with a large-gap superconductor which is weakly probed by charge and heat currents into a wide-band normal-metal electrode. We derive the complete time-dependent analytical solution of this problem involving non-equilibrium Cooper pair transport, Andreev bound states and strong interaction. Additionally exploiting detailed balance we show that even for this relatively complex problem the evolution towards the stationary state can be understood analytically in terms of the stationary state of the system itself via its relation to the stationary state of a dual system with inverted Coulomb interaction, superconducting pairing and applied voltages.

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