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Resonant spin Hall effect of light in random photonic arrays

Federico Carlini, Nicolas Cherroret

SciPost Phys. 14, 104 (2023) · published 10 May 2023


It has been recently shown that the coherent component of light propagating in transversally disordered media, the so-called coherent mode, exhibits an optical spin Hall effect (SHE). In non-resonant materials, however, this phenomenon shows up at a spatial scale much larger than the mean free path, making its observation challenging due to the exponential attenuation of the coherent mode. Here, we show that in disordered photonic arrays exhibiting Mie resonances, the SHE on the contrary appears at a scale smaller than the mean free path if one operates in the close vicinity of the lowest transverse-magnetic resonance of the array. In combination with a weak measurement, this gives rise to a giant SHE that should be observable in optically-thin media. Furthermore, we show that by additionally exploiting the cooperative emission of a flash of light following the abrupt extinction of the incoming beam, one can achieve a time-dependent SHE, observable at large optical thickness as well.

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