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$\nu$-flows: Conditional neutrino regression

Matthew Leigh, John Andrew Raine, Knut Zoch, Tobias Golling

SciPost Phys. 14, 159 (2023) · published 16 June 2023


We present $\nu$-Flows, a novel method for restricting the likelihood space of neutrino kinematics in high-energy collider experiments using conditional normalising flows and deep invertible neural networks. This method allows the recovery of the full neutrino momentum which is usually left as a free parameter and permits one to sample neutrino values under a learned conditional likelihood given event observations. We demonstrate the success of $\nu$-Flows in a case study by applying it to simulated semileptonic $t\bar{t}$ events and show that it can lead to more accurate momentum reconstruction, particularly of the longitudinal coordinate. We also show that this has direct benefits in a downstream task of jet association, leading to an improvement of up to a factor of 1.41 compared to conventional methods.

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