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Near-extremal limits of warped CFTs

Ankit Aggarwal, Alejandra Castro, Stéphane Detournay, Beatrix Mühlmann

SciPost Phys. 15, 056 (2023) · published 9 August 2023


Warped conformal field theories (WCFTs) are two-dimensional non-relativistic systems, with a chiral scaling and shift symmetry. We present a detailed derivation of the near-extremal limit for their torus partition function. This limit requires large values of the central charge, and is only consistent for non-unitary WCFT. We compare our analysis with previous studies of WCFT and its relation to a one-dimensional warped-Schwarzian theory. We discuss different ensembles of warped CFTs and contrast our results with analogous limits in two-dimensional CFTs.

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