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Towards the one loop IR/UV dictionary in the SMEFT: One loop generated operators from new scalars and fermions

Guilherme Guedes, Pablo Olgoso, José Santiago

SciPost Phys. 15, 143 (2023) · published 6 October 2023


Effective field theories offer a rationale to classify new physics models based on the size of their contribution to the effective Lagrangian, and therefore to experimental observables. A complete classification can be obtained, at a fixed order in perturbation theory, in the form of IR/UV dictionaries. We report on the first step towards the calculation of the one loop, dimension 6 IR/UV dictionary in the SMEFT. We consider dimension-six operators in the SMEFT that cannot be generated at tree level in weakly coupled extensions of the Standard Model. This includes operators with three gauge field strength tensors, operators with two field strength tensors and two scalar fields and dipole operators. We provide a complete classification of renormalizable extensions of the Standard Model with new scalar and fermion fields that contribute to these operators at one loop order, together with their explicit contribution. Our results are encoded in a Mathematica package called SOLD (SMEFT One Loop Dictionary), which includes further functionalities to facilitate the calculation of the complete tree level and one loop matching of any relevant model via an automated interface to matchmakereft. All operators in our list are indeed generated at the one loop order in the extensions considered with the exception of CP-violating ones with three field-strength tensors.

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