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3D Ising CFT and exact diagonalization on icosahedron: The power of conformal perturbation theory

Bing-Xin Lao, Slava Rychkov

SciPost Phys. 15, 243 (2023) · published 18 December 2023


We consider the transverse field Ising model in (2+1)D, putting 12 spins at the vertices of the regular icosahedron. The model is tiny by the exact diagonalization standards, and breaks rotation invariance. Yet we show that it allows a meaningful comparison to the 3D Ising CFT on $\mathbb{R}× S^2$, by including effective perturbations of the CFT Hamiltonian with a handful of local operators. This extreme example shows the power of conformal perturbation theory in understanding finite N effects in models on regularized $S^2$. Its ideal arena of application should be the recently proposed models of fuzzy sphere regularization.

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