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Infinite $\mathrm{T\bar T}$-like symmetries of compactified LST

Silvia Georgescu, Monica Guica

SciPost Phys. 16, 006 (2024) · published 8 January 2024


We show that the three-dimensional asymptotically linear dilaton background that arises in the near-horizon decoupling region of NS5-branes compactified on $T^4$ admits boundary conditions that lead to an infinite set of symmetries. The associated conserved charges, which implement field-dependent coordinate transformations, are found to be identical to the corresponding generators in a symmetric product orbifold of $T\bar T$ - deformed CFTs. Their algebra is a non-linear modification of the Virasoro × Virasoro algebra, which precisely coincides with the algebra of the "unrescaled" symmetry generators in $T\bar T$-deformed CFTs. This further strengthens a previously proposed link between the single-trace $T\bar T$ deformation and compactified little string theory.

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