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Optimal control strategies for parameter estimation of quantum systems

Quentin Ansel, Etienne Dionis, Dominique Sugny

SciPost Phys. 16, 013 (2024) · published 17 January 2024


Optimal control theory is an effective tool to improve parameter estimation of quantum systems. Different methods can be employed for the design of the control protocol. They can be based either on Quantum Fischer Information (QFI) maximization or selective control processes. We describe the similarities, differences, and advantages of these two approaches. A detailed comparative study is presented for estimating the parameters of a spin$-\tfrac{1}{2}$ system coupled to a bosonic bath. We show that the control mechanisms are generally equivalent, except when the decoherence is not negligible or when the experimental setup is not adapted to the QFI. In this latter case, the precision achieved with selective controls can be several orders of magnitude better than that given by the QFI.

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