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Joint distribution of currents in the symmetric exclusion process

Aurélien Grabsch, Pierre Rizkallah, Olivier Bénichou

SciPost Phys. 16, 016 (2024) · published 18 January 2024


The symmetric simple exclusion process (SEP) is a paradigmatic model of diffusion in a single-file geometry, in which the particles cannot cross. In this model, the study of currents have attracted a lot of attention. In particular, the distribution of the integrated current through the origin, and more recently, of the integrated current through a moving reference point, have been obtained in the long time limit. This latter observable is particularly interesting, as it allows to obtain the distribution of the position of a tracer particle. However, up to now, these different observables have been considered independently. Here, we characterise the joint statistical properties of these currents, and their correlations with the density of particles. We show that the correlations satisfy closed integral equations, which generalise the ones obtained recently for a single observable. We also obtain boundary conditions verified by these correlations, which take a simple physical form for any single-file system. As a consequence of our results, we quantify the correlations between the displacement of a tracer, and the integrated current of particles through the origin.

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